II International Award "TOP-100 BRICS entrepreneurs"

Apply for "TOP-100 BRICS entrepreneurs" Award

  • for candidates aged 18 to 40
  • for business owners and co-founders

The Award is for you if:

you are aged 18 to 40

you are the owner or co-founder of a business

you strive to develop in the field of entrepreneurship

international markets are your goal

you aim to find new partners and like-minded people

you want to gain new knowledge from leading experts

To apply, you must be a citizen of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt or Ethiopia, have an existing business, and be willing to communicate in English.

In the application form, you must complete all items of the questionnaire, select the nomination in which you are participating, prepare a presentation describing your achievements in business in one of the selected nominations and attach it to the application form.

An international jury will evaluate the proposed projects according to the criteria:

Relevance of the application to the nomination theme


Use of innovative approaches/tools in the business project


Financial efficiency and economic viability of the business project

Investment attractiveness of the business project


Growth potential and scalability of the business project


Presence of a marketing strategy for the business project (promotion strategy)


The winners of the Award will:

be honored at the II BRICS+ International Business Forum in the autumn of 2024

take part in the BRICS Business Incubator for free

present their projects to investors and venture funds

ake the first step towards bringing their business to the international market

find strong partners

become part of a strong international community

receive consultations from specialized experts

Launching the call for applications for participation in the II International Award «TOP-100 BRICS Entrepreneurs»
International Organising Committee for the preparation and holding of the Award, Forum and BRICS Business Incubator
Evaluation of applications by the International Jury of the Award
Announcement of the winners of the Award
Online educational program for the Award winners within the framework of BRICS Business Incubator

Event schedule

II BRICS+ International Business Forum and BRICS Business Incubator, honouring the Award winners
Closing of applications for participation in the Award
Video report from the International Award "TOP-100 BRICS Entrepreneurs" and BRICS+ International Business Forum in 2022
    Download presentation about the main events for entrepreneurs from BRICS countries in 2024
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